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Karina Ximenes is widely recognized as the devoted wife and steadfast partner of Amanda Lemos, a prominent Brazilian mixed martial artist competing in the Strawweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Their enduring relationship spans numerous years, with Karina steadfastly supporting Amanda throughout her formative years in Brazilian MMA promotions and beyond.

It is believed that Karina Ximenes has been by Amanda’s side since their youth, offering unwavering encouragement and backing as the MMA stalwart ascended the ranks in the Brazilian regional MMA circuit and beyond.

Together, the couple shares a precious bond and the joy of parenthood, having adopted a daughter named Rebecca several years ago.

Karina Ximenes and Amanda Lemos Family Life

Karina Ximenes

In their shared residence in Belem, Brazil, Amanda Lemos, her partner Karina Ximenes, and their daughter Rebecca reside alongside close relatives, forming a supportive familial unit.

Notably, Ximenes, an avid fitness enthusiast, actively contributes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for herself and Lemos, often assisting the UFC fighter with her rigorous weight cuts and dietary requirements.

Their home is not only a place of rest but also a sanctuary where they nurture their familial bonds and recharge amidst the demands of Lemos’ professional career.

Through shared experiences and daily routines, the family cultivates a sense of belonging and security, laying the foundation for their continued unity and resilience.


Karina Ximenes

Real Name

Karina Ximenes




Late 30’s


5 feet 5 Inches tall 

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$200K USD

Birth Place











Amanda Lemos

Social Media Presence

Karina Ximenes

While both Amanda Lemos and Karina Ximenes maintain a level of privacy regarding their personal lives, glimpses into their relationship are occasionally shared on their respective Instagram accounts.

Despite the limited visibility, their mutual admiration and affection for one another are evident through consistent interactions on social media platforms.

Karina Ximenes, in addition to her role as Amanda Lemos’ supportive partner, pursues a career as an interior designer, showcasing her creativity and talent in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Sharing a common passion for fitness and training, Ximenes aligns her lifestyle with Lemos’ athletic pursuits, further cementing their bond. T

Their online presence not only reflects their individual interests and endeavors but also offers a glimpse into the shared values and experiences that underpin their relationship, fostering a sense of connection with their fans and followers.

Karina Ximenes’ Professional Endeavors

Karina Ximenes

With a modest but dedicated following on Instagram, Karina Ximenes maintains an online presence that reflects her interests and values.

However, her activity on other social media platforms remains undisclosed, indicating a preference for privacy outside of her Instagram community.

Karina Ximenes, in addition to her role as Amanda Lemos’ supportive partner, pursues a career as an interior designer, showcasing her creativity and talent in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Her professional endeavors not only contribute to their household income but also serve as a source of personal fulfillment and self-expression.

As she navigates the demands of her career alongside her responsibilities as a partner and mother, Ximenes embodies resilience and adaptability, embodying the qualities of strength and determination that define their partnership.

Karina Ximenes and Amanda Lemos Parenting Journey

Karina Ximenes

Their journey into parenthood is a significant aspect of their shared life. Amanda Lemos and Karina Ximenes are the proud parents of a daughter named Rebecca, whom they adopted several years ago.

This decision underscores their commitment to family and their desire to provide a loving and nurturing environment for their child. 

As they navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood together, their bond continues to strengthen, further solidifying their partnership.

Through shared experiences and shared responsibilities, they cultivate a sense of unity and purpose, fostering a deep sense of love and connection within their family unit. 

Their dedication to each other and to their daughter serves as a testament to the enduring power of love and the resilience of the human spirit.

The partnership between Amanda Lemos and Karina Ximenes exemplifies the strength of love and commitment in navigating life’s challenges and celebrating its joys.

From their unwavering support for each other’s professional endeavors to their shared journey in parenthood, they embody resilience, unity, and mutual respect.

As they continue to inspire others through their shared experiences and unwavering devotion, Amanda Lemos and Karina Ximenes stand as a testament to the enduring power of love and partnership.

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