Who is Anne Andres? Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Partner

Anne Andres, a transgender male, has achieved a remarkable feat that reverberates throughout the realm of powerlifting in Canada. His dedication and prowess led him to set a notable national record, thereby etching his name in the annals of sports history. His journey reached a pinnacle as he participated in the Canadian Powerlifting Union’s prestigious Western Canadian Championship, an event that signifies a platform for showcasing strength and determination. 

Anne Andres

Displaying exceptional skill and resolve, Anne demonstrated her capabilities within the Female Masters Unequipped category, a testament to his unique journey and the strides she’s made within the world of powerlifting. Her achievements not only underscore his personal accomplishments but also pave the way for broader conversations surrounding inclusivity and diversity within sports, making her an inspiration to aspiring athletes and a trailblazer in her own right.

Who is Anne Andres?

Anne Andres, a transgender male, has achieved a remarkable feat that reverberates throughout the realm of powerlifting in Canada. Anne, in a remarkable display of strength and determination at the Brandon University Healthy Living Centre event, achieved an awe-inspiring total powerlifting score of 597.5 kilograms. 

Anne Andres

This accomplishment was particularly notable when compared to her opponent, SuJan Gill, whose score of 387.5 kilograms was eclipsed by over 200 kilograms by Andres’ impressive performance. This stark difference in scores speaks volumes about Andres’ remarkable skill and dedication to the sport of powerlifting.

Anne has a total of 794 followers on her official Instagram account. She took to Instagram to boast about her success: “I don’t care about records. I care about being there with my friends… Thank you for having me, friends. I am always honored to be there with you. I hope I earn it.”

Anne Andres


Anne Andres

Real Name

Anne Andres




40 years old


5.9 feet tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$100K USD

Birth Place












Anne Andres Age, Height, Parents, Siblings 

Anne Andres was born in Canada in 1983, making her 40 years old. Information about her parents and siblings is currently limited, but efforts are being made to gather more details. She stands at a height of 5.9 feet, commanding attention with her presence. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to explore Anne Andres’ story.

Who is Anne Andres Partner?

Anne Andres

Anne Andres has maintained her relationship status as a private matter. At present, her dating status remains undisclosed, leaving us uncertain about whether she is in a relationship or single. Rest assured, we are committed to providing updates as soon as any information regarding her love life comes to light. So, keep an eye out for future updates to learn more about this aspect of Meagan Starke’s life. Until then, stay tuned for further information in the near future.

What is Anne Andres’s Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Anne Andres is around $100K USD.

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