Who is Asa Luo? Know About 8 Years old Who Paralyzed From a Stray Bullet

Eight-year-old Asa Luo experienced a tragic and life-changing event when he was paralyzed by a stray bullet while traveling on the I-580 freeway in California. The incident, which deeply shook his family and many who heard of it, occurred on July 14, 2023. On that fateful day, Asa Luo and his family were caught in the crossfire of a dangerous confrontation between occupants of two vehicles. A bullet, not intended for him, took a devastating toll, striking and damaging his spinal column in his neck.

The immediate aftermath of the incident was a whirlwind of emotions and actions. The investigation swiftly pinpointed the location near Harrison Street, where the young boy’s life changed forever. Asa Luo, with his injuries, was urgently transported to Oakland Children’s Hospital. The initial prognosis was grim, and his mother feared that she might lose her son. But in a heartwarming turn of events, Asa Luo showcased his resilience. His mother recounts with gratitude and awe that he is not just speaking, but also engaging with his favorite books and humming along to his beloved songs.

Understanding the significant medical expenses and ongoing care Asa Luo would need, the family set up a GoFundMe page. Their initial goal was a hefty $500,000. However, the overwhelming support from well-wishers, touched by Asa’s story, led to contributions amounting to $771,108 USD at the time of writing. Through the fundraiser’s descriptions, donors got a glimpse of the spirited boy behind the headlines. Asa, they learned, was an enthusiast of football and showed an exceptional aptitude for mathematics. These revelations made the reality of his paralysis below the neck even more poignant.

While grappling with Asa’s sudden disability, the Luo family has consistently expressed their profound gratitude. They’ve shared snippets of Asa’s recovery journey, like his joy listening to Imagine Dragons. Although the transition has been challenging, especially witnessing the physical limitations of their once-active son, they remain optimistic and thankful for every small victory, every sign of progress.

Asa Luo Required over $250,000 in Medical Expenses


The GoFundMe page, apart from being a platform for fundraising, offers a transparent breakdown of Asa’s medical and rehabilitation needs. Among these are a mechanical respirator to assist his breathing, specialized tube feeds for nutrition, and the necessity for continuous, 24-hour nursing care. The Luos have also been candid about the daunting financial landscape ahead. Their immediate medical bills have reached $250,000, and they foresee that Asa’s care expenses for the upcoming year could easily surpass $1,000,000.

This enormous sum will cover comprehensive services, ranging from round-the-clock nursing care to a series of continuous physical and occupational therapies. Additionally, Asa’s mental well-being is a priority, and provisions have been made for consistent mental health support. There’s also potential travel to nationally recognized centers like the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, and Asa may need to undergo secondary surgeries, such as diaphragmatic pacing, to enhance his quality of life.

A significant portion of the funds will be channeled towards making Asa’s home more accessible and tailored to his needs. The Luo family plans for the installation of platform lifts and ramps, and extensive renovations for his bedroom and bathroom. A high-end Power Wheelchair, equipped with sip-and-puff adaptations costing around $45k, is on their list, ensuring that Asa retains some mobility. Moreover, the family has earmarked $55k for specialized Rehabilitation & Education, ensuring Asa gets the best possible care and guidance.

Asa’s journey, though fraught with challenges, is also a testament to human resilience and community support. The outpouring of help, both emotional and financial, underscores the power of collective empathy. For those who wish to contribute or stay updated on Asa’s progress, the GoFundMe link is provided. Every bit of support counts towards ensuring a more comfortable and brighter future for young Asa Luo

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