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Fadhilah Intan, the singing sensation hailing from Surabaya, Indonesia, has carved a remarkable niche for herself in the music industry, captivating the hearts of many since her breakthrough on Rising Star Indonesia in 2016. Beyond her enchanting vocals and stage presence, fans are naturally intrigued by the personal facets of her life, including her career trajectory and relationship status.

In terms of her professional journey, Intan’s rise to fame on Rising Star Indonesia served as a pivotal moment in her career. The platform not only showcased her exceptional vocal prowess but also opened doors to numerous opportunities within the music industry. Post the show, she continued to mesmerize audiences with her performances, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the Indonesian music scene.

Fadhilah Intan

As for her personal life, Fadhilah Intan has managed to maintain a level of privacy, striking a balance between her public persona and personal affairs. While she is known for being transparent about her musical journey, she keeps details about her personal life relatively guarded. This intentional choice has garnered respect from fans and the media alike, allowing her to navigate the complexities of fame with grace and poise.

Regarding her relationship status, Fadhilah has not been overly vocal about her romantic life. This intentional decision to keep personal relationships private has fueled speculation and curiosity among her admirers. Some fans eagerly await any updates on this front, while others appreciate her focus on her craft, respecting her choice to maintain a degree of mystery surrounding her personal life.

Who is Fadhilah Intan?

Fadhilah Intan, a 25-year-old singer hailing from Surabaya, Indonesia, gained widespread recognition following her participation in Rising Star Indonesia in 2016. Renowned for her captivating performances, particularly on social media platforms, her admirers are keen to delve into various facets of her life, including her Personal Life, Career, and Relationship Status. Without further ado, let’s explore the multifaceted dimensions of Fadhilah Intan’s life.

Fadhilah Intan is not merely a singer but a burgeoning talent making waves in the R&B and Soul music scene, representing the rich musical landscape of Surabaya, Indonesia. Garnering acclaim both domestically and internationally, her alluring voice and poignant lyrics have captivated audiences. The unique amalgamation of vintage R&B and Soul tones with a contemporary flair distinguishes Fadhilah’s musical offerings. Infused with silky sounds, rhythmic grooves, and profound melodies, her compositions exude a timeless yet modern appeal. Themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery form the thematic core of her songs, resonating profoundly with her ever-expanding fan base.

Fadhilah Intan

Fadhilah Intan’s artistic prowess extends beyond her vocal talents, encompassing a distinctive style that positions her as a formidable presence in the R&B and Soul music genres. The trajectory of her burgeoning career suggests that her star is destined to ascend further, with her music serving as a testament to the emotive power of unfiltered expression and authentic storytelling. On the social media front, Fadhilah commands a significant following, boasting 279K Instagram followers and a thriving YouTube channel under her name, which has garnered approximately 414K subscribers.


Fadhilah Intan

Real Name

Fadhilah Intan


2 August 1984




5 feet 7 Inches tall 

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How old is Fadhilah Intan ?

Born on April 20, 1998, in Indonesia, Fadhilah Intan is currently 25 years old. While information about her parents and siblings remains scarce, efforts are underway to acquire more details about her family background. The enigma surrounding Fadhilah Intan’s romantic life is evident.

Who is Fadhilah Intan’s Boyfriend?

Fadhilah Intan has chosen to keep her relationship status private. Whether she is currently in a relationship or single remains undisclosed at this time, but updates on her love life will be promptly provided as soon as any relevant information surfaces. 

Fadhilah Intan

What is Fadhilah Intan  Net Worth?

Fadhilah Intan’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $500,000 USD, underscoring the success and prosperity she has achieved in her burgeoning career. As she continues to evolve as an artist and make her mark on the music industry, Fadhilah Intan remains an intriguing figure worth keeping an eye on for future developments in both her professional and personal life.

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