Who is Jackie Bonds? Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Ex-Boyfriend

Jackie Bonds, a 27-year-old dental assistant, made an announcement about her breakup with Josh Demas, a 31-year-old project manager, during an Instagram live session.

This revelation has garnered significant attention, especially among reality television enthusiasts who eagerly await Season 5 of Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind.’

The recent breakup of one of the couples from Season 4 has added an element of intrigue and anticipation to the show’s upcoming season, leaving fans curious about the details and circumstances surrounding the split.

Who is Jackie Bonds?


Jackie Bonds

Real Name

Jackie Bonds


December 26, 1996


27 years old


5.6 feet tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$200K USD

Birth Place









Josh Demas



Jackie Bonds, a 27-year-old dental assistant and a prominent figure from the hit Netflix series ‘Love Is Blind,’ has garnered significant attention in the world of reality television.

Her presence on Instagram is equally noteworthy, boasting a substantial following of 170K dedicated followers and a collection of 81 posts as of the time of writing this article.

Jackie’s journey on ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 captivated audiences as she embarked on a unique romantic adventure, getting engaged to Marshall Glaze within the confines of the show’s iconic pods.

Their subsequent honeymoon in Mexico undoubtedly added an exciting chapter to their love story, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting their journey. Jackie Bonds has emerged as a fan favorite, with her charismatic personality endearing her to audiences.

As an Earth sign, she embodies traits such as hardworking, practicality, and sensitivity, which have contributed to her appeal among viewers. In 2021, Jackie achieved an academic milestone by graduating from Clover Park Technical College, a noteworthy achievement that reflects her dedication and commitment to her education and career.

Her social media presence also reflects her connection to her hometown, as evidenced by her Instagram story captioned “nun like home” with a tag for Ruston Way Waterfront in the city.

These glimpses into her life provide fans with a more personal understanding of the reality TV star, making her a relatable and engaging figure in the world of ‘Love Is Blind.’

How old is Jackie Bonds?

Jackie Bonds, born on December 26, 1996, in the United States, is currently 27 years old. With her youthful energy and a world of opportunities ahead, she has already made her mark in the realm of reality television.

Standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, she possesses a commanding presence that has undoubtedly contributed to her success and appeal. Specific details about Jackie Bonds’ parents and potential siblings are currently limited in our knowledge.

However, our commitment to providing a more comprehensive understanding of her familial background remains steadfast. We will strive to gather additional information about her family and upbringing, offering a more complete portrait of Jackie Bonds’ personal life.

Please stay tuned for updates as we continue our efforts to uncover more about her family connections.

Who is Jackie Bonds  Ex-Boyfriend?

Jackie Bonds’ recent announcement regarding her breakup with Josh Demas, a 31-year-old project manager, has generated significant interest and discussion. In her revelation, Jackie shared that instead of ignoring the issues they were facing, she chose to engage in a conversation with him, ultimately leading to the end of their relationship.

The breakup left her with a deep sense of sadness and regret, as she confessed her love for him and the dreams they had once shared. She expressed her emotions, saying, “I’m still sick about it, low-key, I love that man. I was like, ‘Damn, I had all these life plans with you, you know? And then you just don’t even care,’ and I’m like, that’s crazy, over a conversation with somebody? It don’t matter.”

Jackie’s heartfelt efforts to mend the relationship and her reflections on past messages highlight the complexities of love and the challenges that arise in personal relationships. Her candidness about the breakup and her emotions provide insight into the rollercoaster of emotions that often accompany the end of a significant relationship.

What is  Jackie Bonds Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of  Jackie Bonds is around $200K USD.

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