Who is Jordan Leigh? Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Jordan Leigh is indeed well known as the girlfriend of Patrik Laine, the talented 25-year-old Finnish winger who plays for the Columbus Blue Jackets in the NHL. Their relationship has been a subject of interest among fans and followers of Laine’s career.

Their happiness together is a testament to the personal side of the athlete’s life, often shielded from the public eye. Jordan presence in Patrik Laine’s life showcases the importance of personal support systems and relationships in the world of professional sports.

Who is Jordan Leigh ?

Jordan Leigh is not only recognized as the girlfriend of Patrik Laine but also stands out in her own right. She is a model with an impressive academic background, having earned a major in health policy from Wake Forest University. Her educational achievements highlight her dedication and commitment beyond her career in modeling.

As for Patrik Laine, he is a prominent Finnish professional ice hockey winger, currently showcasing his skills with the Columbus Blue Jackets in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Laine’s journey in the NHL has been marked by his talent and dedication to the sport. Notably, he was selected as the No. 2 overall pick by the Winnipeg Jets in the 2016 NHL Draft, which signifies his impact in the league for over seven years now.

The combination of Jordan modeling career and academic pursuits, along with Patrik Laine’s successful and enduring presence in the NHL, makes them a dynamic couple with diverse talents and achievements.

Their relationship provides a glimpse into the multifaceted lives of individuals in the world of professional sports and entertainment.


Jordan Leigh

Real Name

Jordan Leigh




25 years old


5.7 feet tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$200K USD

Birth Place









Patrik Laine



Jordan Leigh Age, Height, Parents and Siblings

Jordan Leigh, born in 1998 in the United States, is currently 25 years old, she stands 5.7 feet tall. While details about her parents and siblings are limited at this time, it’s not uncommon for individuals, especially those in the public eye, to maintain a level of privacy when it comes to their personal lives. Any updates or additional information about her family may become available in the future as more details emerge.

Who is Jordan Leigh Boyfriend?

Jordan Leigh’s relationship with Patrik Laine, the accomplished Finnish professional ice hockey winger, is well-documented, and the couple often shares glimpses of their life together on social media, particularly on Instagram.

Their presence on this platform allows fans and followers to witness their undeniable chemistry and the adventures they embark on together. Such insights into their personal lives provide a refreshing perspective on the couple beyond their respective careers, offering a more intimate look at their shared experiences and journey together.

What is Jordan Leigh Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Jordan Leigh is around $200K USD.

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