Who Is Steve Janowitz? Know Everything About Joy Behar Husband

Steve Janowitz, renowned as the husband of comedian and talk show host Joy Behar, plays a pivotal role in the balance of their relationship, bringing a sense of calm and privacy to complement Behar’s dynamic and outspoken personality. As a middle school math teacher, Steve Janowitz shares not just his life with Behar but also a common professional background, creating a foundation of mutual understanding and respect within their marriage.

A Journey Through Teaching: Behar’s Humorous Anecdotes

Their shared commitment to education forms a significant common ground in their relationship. Behar, celebrated for her wit and humor, reflects on her teaching days in the ’60s and ’70s. Armed with a master’s degree in English education from Stony Brook University, she began her career teaching English at Lindenhurst High School in New York before transitioning to the world of television. Steve Janowitz’s role as a middle school math teacher aligns with Behar’s educational roots, fostering a shared appreciation for the impact of teaching on young minds.

An Unconventional Beginning: Love at a Semi-Nudist Colony

Humorous anecdotes about Behar’s teaching career add a delightful touch to their narrative, showcasing her ability to find humor in life’s experiences. One particularly unconventional chapter involves their initial meeting at a semi-nudist colony.

Behar shared this amusing detail on an episode of “The View,” recounting how Steve Janowitz, in a state of undress, made his first impression. While the setting may have been unconventional, it laid the foundation for a relationship that would endure for almost three decades before culminating in marriage.

Steve Janowitz

From Unconventional to Enduring: The Love Story Unfolds

The unconventional beginning of their relationship adds an intriguing layer to their story. Behar’s candid revelation about encountering Steve Janowitz at a semi-nudist colony showcases the couple’s willingness to embrace life’s quirks.

It’s a testament to their connection, founded on shared experiences that go beyond the conventional norms of romantic encounters. The uniqueness of their initial meeting set the stage for a relationship that would stand the test of time.

Delayed Vows: 29 Years of Dating Before “I Do”

The couple’s prolonged engagement became a subject of public curiosity. After 29 years of dating, Behar and Steve Janowitz finally exchanged vows in a private ceremony on August 11, 2011, in New York City. Behar openly shared the reasons behind the extended courtship, citing concerns about in-laws and a desire to wait for the legalization of gay marriage.

Her distinctive sense of humor shone through as she listed amusing reasons for finally deciding to tie the knot, underscoring the couple’s ability to embrace a lighthearted approach to their relationship.

Family Dynamics: Stepfatherhood and Grandparenthood

Steve Janowitz

Janowitz seamlessly stepped into the role of stepfather to Behar’s daughter, Eve Behar Scotti, showcasing his commitment to family dynamics. Eve, who transitioned from television production to ceramic art, found support and understanding in Steve Janowitz as she pursued her passions.

The couple also experienced the joy of becoming grandparents when Eve and her husband welcomed a son named Luca in 2011, adding another dimension to their familial bond.

Professional Support: Behind-the-Scenes Collaborator

Beyond the personal realm, Janowitz actively supports Behar in her professional endeavors. His role goes beyond being a life partner; he is also a behind-the-scenes collaborator. This became evident in 2020 when “The View” faced challenges due to the virtual setting imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Janowitz, despite his background as a middle school math teacher, offered technical assistance to Behar, highlighting his dedication and adaptability.

A Protective Partner: Janowitz’s Support Beyond the Public Eye

Janowitz’s commitment to supporting Behar goes beyond the public eye. Meghan McCain, Behar’s former co-host on “The View,” acknowledged Steve Janowitz for his protective nature and received valuable marriage advice from him. This support extends to both personal and professional aspects of Behar’s life, showcasing Janowitz’s unwavering commitment as a partner.

In Essence: Steve Janowitz, Beyond the Title of Husband

In essence, Steve Janowitz transcends the title of Joy Behar‘s husband; he is a devoted partner, a supportive stepfather, and a behind-the-scenes collaborator, contributing to the multifaceted dynamic that defines their enduring relationship.

The couple’s journey, from unconventional beginnings to a lasting marriage, serves as a testament to the strength of their bond and their ability to navigate the complexities of life with humor, mutual support, and an unwavering commitment to shared values.

Steve Janowitz

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