Who is Maximilien Stern? Facts About Julia Lemigova Son

Maximilien Stern is widely recognized as the son of the esteemed REAL Housewives of Miami star, Julia Lemigova. The notable personality has been happily married to her long-term partner, tennis legend Martina Navratilova, since the year 2014. Despite finding profound joy in her current marital union, Lemigova’s life has been marked by both triumphs and tragedies.

Born in Moscow, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR), within the Soviet Union (now Russia), Lemigova, the daughter of a Red Army colonel, achieved the distinction of being crowned Miss USSR in 1990, following the disqualification of the original winner, Maria Kezha, for being underage. Her journey continued as she represented the Soviet Union at the Miss Universe 1991 pageant, securing the 2nd runner-up position. Post her Miss USSR triumph, Lemigova relocated to Western Europe, ultimately settling in Paris, where she embarked on a successful career as a fashion model.

Lemigova’s life took an unexpected turn when she was romantically linked to financier Édouard Stern, one of Europe’s wealthiest men, in 1997. This relationship garnered attention, especially as Stern divorced his wife, Béatrice David-Weill, in 1998. Although Lemigova and Stern never formalized their union, their connection resulted in the birth of a son, Maximilien, in October 1999. The paternity of the child became a subject of scrutiny, prompting Stern to undergo a paternity test after suspicions arose due to Lemigova’s alleged involvement with other men.

Tragedy Strikes: Maximilien Stern’s Mysterious Demise (March 2000)

Following the revelation of such information by a private investigator, Stern severed ties with Lemigova, yet maintained a relationship with his son. Tragically, Maximilien Stern’s life was cut short at the Necker Children’s Hospital in Paris in March 2000, while under Stern’s care. The circumstances surrounding the infant’s demise were shrouded in mystery, involving the presence of diazepam in his bloodstream and indications of potential shaken baby syndrome.

In the complex and tragic saga of Julia Lemigova’s life, her connection with financier Édouard Stern in 1997 marked the beginning of a tumultuous chapter. Their association gained public attention, especially when Stern divorced his wife, Béatrice David-Weill, in 1998, shortly after being linked with Lemigova. While the couple never formalized their relationship in marriage, Lemigova gave birth to a son, Maximilien Stern, in October 1999, thereby intertwining their lives in unforeseen ways.

The paternity of Maximilien Stern became a subject of scrutiny, leading Stern’s attorney to advise him to undergo a paternity test to conclusively determine his fatherhood. However, the unfolding events took a distressing turn when a private investigator revealed Lemigova’s alleged involvement with other men. Despite this revelation, Stern opted to sever ties with Lemigova but maintained an ongoing relationship with his son.

Tragedy struck the Lemigova-Stern narrative with the untimely death of Maximilien at the Necker Children’s Hospital in Paris in March 2000, while under Stern’s care. The infant, merely five and a half months old, succumbed to mysterious circumstances, with his Bulgarian nanny, Maya, reportedly in attendance. A concealed autopsy report uncovered traces of diazepam, a sedative used for anxiety and seizures, in Maximilien Stern’s bloodstream. Furthermore, a medical examination suggested violent shaking as a potential cause, indicating the tragic possibility of shaken baby syndrome.

Double Tragedy Unfolds: Édouard Stern’s Murder (2005)

Adding to the complexity of the narrative, Maximilien Stern’s nanny disappeared without a trace following his death. In 2005, the tragedy deepened with the shocking murder of Édouard Stern in his Geneva home. Details later emerged, revealing that he was fatally shot by his longtime lover, Cecile Brossard, during a bondage session gone awry. Despite these devastating events, authorities at the time of the baby’s tragic death claimed insufficient evidence to proceed with a prosecution.

The unresolved nature of the case persisted, leading to its reopening in 2010, yet justice remains elusive to this day. Julia Lemigova, grappling with the profound loss of her son, vehemently asserts that Maximilien Stern was murdered. In a poignant revelation to Page Six, she expressed, “I don’t know if I ever completely survived the loss of my son.” Despite enduring the unbearable pain and years of grief, Lemigova found solace and purpose in helping others, citing Martina Navratilova’s support as a significant source of strength in her journey toward healing.

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