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Kate Ober is prominently recognized as the deeply affected spouse of AJ Armstrong Jr, he received a life sentence in prison, coupled with the potential for parole after a duration of 40 years. This sentence was issued in relation to the shooting deaths of retired NFL linebacker Antonio Armstrong Sr. and Dawn Armstrong within their family residence situated in southwest Houston.

The local news station, KHOU, reported on this development, underscoring the gravity and consequences of the tragic incident. In a trial marked by emotional turbulence, Kate Ober, his devastated wife, found herself overcome with uncontrollable sobs as the proceedings unfolded.

The solemn courtroom atmosphere was laden with a sense of finality as Armstrong received a life sentence for his tragic actions.  The culmination of this trial followed a lengthy deliberation period spanning approximately 10-and-a-half hours, wherein jurors meticulously weighed the evidence and testimonies presented.

The fatal shooting of retired NFL linebacker Antonio Armstrong Sr and Dawn Armstrong, which occurred within the confines of the family’s southwest Houston residence, had gripped both the local community and the nation at large.

Notably, this guilty verdict marks the culmination of the third trial, as the preceding two trials ended in hung juries. Armstrong’s temporary release on bail, with the use of an ankle monitor, had persisted since 2017, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the eventual outcome.

The emotional toll exacted on those involved, particularly Kate Ober, underscores the profound impact of such tragic events on the lives intertwined within this deeply distressing narrative.

Who is Kate Ober?

Kate Ober stands out as a widely acknowledged figure in her capacity as the deeply affected spouse of AJ Armstrong. A graduate of Cinco Ranch High School, Ober’s presence has been notably prominent within the context of the murder trial, a legal saga that has been unfolding since 2019.

During the trial, Ober candidly shared insights into the dynamics between AJ Armstrong and his parents, Dawn and Antonio. She revealed that AJ regarded his parents as his “best friends,” shedding light on the closeness they shared. Ober’s testimony attested to AJ’s demeanor in the days leading up to the tragic and deeply unsettling murders.

Despite the impending events, AJ was characterized as being “just happy, goofy,” presenting a demeanor that exhibited no signs of suspicion or behavioral deviation. Ober’s involvement in the trial serves as a poignant reminder of the complex emotions and relationships entwined within this tragic narrative, reflecting the intricate human dimensions that often underlie such deeply distressing situations.

The prosecutor highlighted that on July 29, 2016, Armstrong perpetrated a close-range shooting of his parents while they were asleep in their bed within the confines of their Bellaire-area residence. Following the act, the teenager proceeded to place a pillow over each of their heads and subsequently contacted emergency services by dialing 911, reporting the audibility of gunshots.


Kate Ober

Real Name

Kate Ober




29 years old


5.6 feet tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$50K USD

Birth Place











“AJ” Armstrong Jr.

Kate Ober Age, Height, Parents and Siblings

Born in the year 1994 in the United States, Kate Ober has reached the age of 29. With a height of 5.6 feet, her physical stature adds to her distinctive presence. While her birth year, age, and stature provide valuable insights into her personal attributes, information concerning her parental background and potential siblings remains rather limited.

Yet, dedicated efforts are currently underway to acquire additional details regarding her familial connections. As further information is unveiled, a more comprehensive understanding of Kate Ober’s family dynamics and background is anticipated to come to light, allowing for a more nuanced perspective on the influences that have shaped her life journey.

Who is Kate Ober Husband?

Kate Ober is married to “AJ” Armstrong Jr. The couple, who initially began dating during their high school years, sealed their union earlier this year. Their journey from high school sweethearts to married partners marks a significant chapter in their lives.

Notably, the couple is also parents to a baby boy, highlighting their shared journey into parenthood. It’s worth mentioning that Armstrong Jr.’s father, Armstrong Sr., boasts a notable background as a former linebacker who played for both the Miami Dolphins and the San Francisco 49ers, adding an additional layer of significance to the family’s sports legacy.

What is Kate Ober  Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Kate Ober is around $50K USD.

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