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Kristin Kehrberg, identified as the romantic partner of renowned recording artist John Mellencamp, has recently garnered attention within celebrity circles. Mellencamp himself made headlines during a candid conversation on his popular podcast, “Club Random,” where he disclosed details about their relationship.

Speaking with a noted comedian on the podcast, Mellencamp revealed that he and Kehrberg crossed paths approximately seven months ago, marking the inception of their connection.

In a poignant testament to their bond, Mellencamp expressed that Kehrberg has been a steadfast presence by his side throughout this entire period.

This revelation not only offers insights into the personal life of the celebrated musician but also underscores the depth and stability of their partnership.

As fans and followers eagerly anticipate further developments in their relationship, the revelation serves as a captivating glimpse into the private life of a public figure.

Who is Kristin Kehrberg?


Kristin Kehrberg

Real Name

Kristin Kehrberg




57 years old


5 feet 6 Inches tall 

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$500K USD

Birth Place









John Mellencamp



Kristin Kehrberg, recognized as the romantic partner of the esteemed recording artist John Mellencamp, has recently been thrust into the spotlight within celebrity circles.

Beyond her association with Mellencamp, Kehrberg boasts a notable professional background, having made her mark as a movie producer.

Her expertise in the film industry is evident through her involvement in prominent projects, notably serving as a producer for the 2017 romantic comedy “The Wilde Wedding,” which featured acclaimed actress Glenn Close in a leading role.

Kehrberg’s collaboration on “The Wilde Wedding” positioned her alongside a constellation of A-list talent, including the likes of John Malkovich, Patrick Stewart of “Star Trek” fame, and Peter Facinelli, known for his role in the “Twilight” series.

This esteemed roster underscores Kehrberg’s proficiency in navigating the intricacies of Hollywood and her ability to contribute to high-profile productions.

Notably, Kehrberg’s connection with Mellencamp blossomed in the vibrant metropolis of New York City, a city she proudly calls home. Her ties to the Big Apple extend back several years, as evidenced by her joint investment with her late husband in a residence located on the prestigious Upper East Side, as reported by the New York Post.

This enduring link to the city’s bustling cultural scene has afforded Kehrberg ample opportunities to rub shoulders with luminaries from various industries, particularly within the realms of entertainment and fashion.

Indeed, Kehrberg’s social calendar often includes attendance at exclusive events frequented by A-list personalities. In June 2018, she graced the 18th Annual Midsummer Night Drinks Benefiting God’s Love We Deliver event alongside her late husband, marking a charitable endeavor that aligns with her philanthropic interests.

This annual gathering, held in the idyllic environs of the Hamptons, attracts a prestigious guest list of over 400 attendees, as highlighted by the organization’s website.

Moreover, Kehrberg’s presence extends to the realm of high fashion, as evidenced by her participation in New York Fashion Week, a premier event that sets the tone for global trends in the fashion industry.

Her attendance at such illustrious affairs underscores her status as a fixture within elite social circles and her penchant for embracing cultural pursuits that define the zeitgeist.

In summary, Kristin Kehrberg emerges not only as the romantic partner of a music icon but also as a multifaceted individual with a rich professional background and a penchant for cultural engagement.

Her journey traverses the worlds of film, philanthropy, and fashion, embodying a lifestyle characterized by creativity, sophistication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. As her story continues to unfold, Kehrberg’s presence in both celebrity spheres and cultural landscapes promises to captivate audiences and inspire admiration for her diverse talents and pursuits.

How old is Kristin Kehrberg?

Kristin Kehrberg, born in 1966 in the United States, currently stands at 57 years old. While her professional endeavors and associations with notable figures like John Mellencamp have been subject to public scrutiny, information regarding her familial background, including details about her parents and siblings, remains relatively scarce.

Despite this, efforts are underway to gather comprehensive information about her family history, and any relevant updates will be shared with the public in due course.

Who is  Kristin Kehrberg Boyfriend?

Kristin Kehrberg, born in the United States in 1966, is currently 57 years old. While her professional endeavors, particularly her association with renowned figures like John Mellencamp, have attracted public attention, details regarding her familial background, including information about her parents and siblings, remain relatively scarce.

Nevertheless, ongoing efforts are being made to compile a comprehensive understanding of her family history, and any pertinent updates will be shared with the public in due course.

In matters of romance, Kristin Kehrberg’s relationship status has become a topic of interest for many observers. She is presently romantically involved with the acclaimed musician John Mellencamp, their love story tracing back to the intervention of mutual acquaintances who played a significant role in facilitating their connection.

Mellencamp, known for his previous marriages to Elaine Irwin, Victoria Granucci, and others, embarked on a new chapter of companionship with Kehrberg following the passing of her late spouse, Richard “Dick” Tarlow, a notable advertising executive.

The loss of Tarlow, who sadly passed away in May 2022, marked a profound event in Kehrberg’s life, as corroborated by reports from various reputable media outlets including Ad Age and The New York Times.

These reports shed light on the circumstances surrounding Tarlow’s passing, highlighting Kehrberg’s steadfast presence alongside their children during his final moments.

Mellencamp has openly reflected on the fortuitous nature of his connection with Kehrberg, reminiscing about their initial encounter during an unexpected gathering at his New York City apartment.

In an interview with talk show host Maher in August 2023, Mellencamp fondly recalled the moment when Kehrberg, accompanied by friends, serendipitously entered his life, sparking the onset of their burgeoning romance.

This glimpse into the personal lives of Mellencamp and Kehrberg not only offers insight into their individual journeys but also underscores the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Their relationship serves as a testament to the transformative power of companionship and the potential for love to blossom unexpectedly. As their bond continues to evolve, it serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the enduring capacity of the human heart to find solace and joy in the midst of life’s challenges.

What is Kristin Kehrberg Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Kristin Kehrberg is around $500K USD.

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