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Lindsay Hubbard first gained public recognition as the girlfriend of Carl Radke. Their relationship encountered hurdles, prompting them to explore avenues for reconciliation, including couples therapy, before ultimately ending their engagement.

Sources close to the couple revealed that Carl Radke harbored significant personal concerns that he wished to confront before committing to marriage, prompting them to seek professional counseling.

Their decision to engage in counseling underscored their dedication to resolving their issues, yet ultimately, Carl Radke determined that addressing these challenges was imperative before embarking on a lifelong commitment.

One prominent issue that surfaced during their sessions was related to sobriety, particularly for Carl Radke. Sobriety played a pivotal role in their relationship dynamics, as Lindsay Hubbard had embraced a sober lifestyle while Carl Radke struggled with this aspect.

It was noted that Lindsay reintroduced drinking into her life, introducing an additional layer of complexity to their relationship dynamic.

The choice to call off their engagement likely stemmed from a combination of factors, including these personal challenges and the realization that they needed to address individual and relational issues before progressing with their marriage plans.

This development in their relationship sparked public interest and prompted discussions about the difficulties they faced during this period.

Who is Lindsay Hubbard?


Lindsay Hubbard

Real Name

Lindsay Hubbard


August 11, 1986


37 years old


5.5 feet tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$200K USD

Birth Place









Carl Radke



Lindsay Hubbard has left an indelible mark on the popular Bravo reality show, “Summer House,” where her vibrant personality shines through. However, her influence extends far beyond the realm of reality television, as she is a savvy entrepreneur with noteworthy accomplishments.

At the helm of her own public relations firm, Hubb House PR, Lindsay has carved out a niche in the bustling landscape of New York City’s marketing and public relations scene.

Her business acumen and unwavering commitment have propelled her agency to success, earning her recognition as a formidable force in the competitive PR industry.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Lindsay is deeply passionate about fitness, a facet of her life she generously shares with her audience. Through her Instagram platform, she offers a glimpse into her fitness journey, providing workout videos and training tips that resonate with her followers.

Weightlifting is a cornerstone of her fitness regimen, and she often collaborates with Adam Razak at Vanguard Fitness for her training sessions.

With an Instagram following surpassing 586K and a treasure trove of content comprising 1400 posts, Lindsay’s social media presence reflects her dedication to both her fitness journey and her engagement with her audience.

Lindsay Hubbard’s multifaceted life, encompassing reality TV stardom, entrepreneurial prowess, and a steadfast commitment to fitness, has positioned her as a prominent figure with a dedicated following.

Her achievements in both her professional and personal endeavors serve as an inspiration to many, underscoring her enduring presence and influence in the public eye.

How old is Lindsay Hubbard?

Lindsay Hubbard, born on August 11, 1986, in the United States, currently stands at 37 years old. Her height of 5 feet 5 inches adds to her commanding presence, which is evident in both her television appearances and entrepreneurial pursuits.

While specifics about Lindsay Hubbard’s parents and siblings are somewhat limited, our commitment to uncovering her family background remains steadfast.

We are dedicated to sourcing additional information about her familial connections and aim to provide further insights into her personal life as soon as more details come to light.

What is Lindsay Hubbard Boyfriend?

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s journey on the reality TV series “Summer House” has been nothing short of tumultuous. From the highs of reconciliations to the lows of breakups, their relationship has traversed a rollercoaster of emotions, culminating in the decision to call off their engagement in August 2023.

As original cast members of “Summer House” since its premiere on Bravo in January 2017, Lindsay and Carl have remained pivotal to the show’s narrative, consistently returning for each subsequent season.

The dynamics of Lindsay and Carl’s relationship on the show have been dynamic and often intricate. In season 4, they made a valiant attempt to transition their friendship into a romantic entanglement, only to find their spark quickly extinguished.

Despite the challenges they encountered as a couple, Lindsay Hubbard steadfastly supported Carl Radke during one of the most trying periods of his life.

This included offering solace following the sudden and tragic loss of his brother during season 5 of the Bravo show. Additionally, she stood by his side as he grappled with substance abuse issues, ultimately achieving sobriety in January 2021.

The journey of Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke on “Summer House” has been characterized by profound personal growth, formidable challenges, and the intricate complexities of their relationship.

Their narrative has resonated deeply with viewers, cementing their status as indispensable figures in the fabric of the show.

What is Lindsay Hubbard Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Lindsay Hubbard? Is around $200K USD.

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