Who is Madison Marsh? Everything About Miss America 2024 Winner

Madison Marsh, a distinguished 22-year-old second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, achieved a remarkable milestone by being crowned as the 2024 Miss America, marking a historic moment as the first active-duty Air Force officer to clinch this prestigious title.

Madison Marsh, currently pursuing a master’s degree in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, was bestowed with the crown in a ceremonious event held in Orlando on Sunday. Hailing from a small town and not having a prior connection to the pageant world, Marsh’s journey serves as an inspiring testament to the limitless possibilities one can achieve with determination and resilience.

The coronation event in Orlando witnessed Marsh’s transition from representing Colorado to becoming the face of Miss America 2024. Her popularity extends beyond the pageant stage, as evidenced by her Instagram following of 13.4K dedicated followers.

In an interview shared via Miss America’s official Instagram story, Madison Marsh conveyed an empowering message, stating, “You can achieve anything. The sky is not the limit, and the only person that’s stopping you is you.”

Reflecting on her unique position as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, Madison Marsh emphasized the importance of breaking barriers and encouraging others to reach for their aspirations.

She expressed gratitude for the platform the pageant provides to merge different facets of her life, stating, “It’s an awesome experience to bring both sides of the favorite parts of my life together and hopefully make a difference for others to be able to realize that you don’t have to limit yourself.”

Notably, the U.S. Air Force celebrated Marsh’s victory through a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), referring to her as “our very own.” The competition featured 51 contestants representing U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

Preliminary judges selected 10 contestants for the pageant, while the public vote added one more, resulting in a total of 11 semi-finalists. Madison Marsh’s win not only makes her a trailblazer as the first active-duty Air Force officer to hold the Miss America title but also signifies a continuation of the legacy, succeeding Grace Stanke of Wisconsin, the 2023 Miss America.

In a society where diversity and inclusion are paramount, Madison Marsh’s triumph serves as an exemplary demonstration of leadership both within and outside the military domain. Her journey resonates as a beacon of inspiration, motivating individuals to overcome perceived limitations and pursue their passions with unwavering dedication.

As the newly crowned Miss America, Madison Marsh is poised to make a lasting impact on society. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the pageant world, Marsh’s dedication to her role as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force adds a unique dimension to her story.

Her commitment to service, both in and out of uniform, showcases a remarkable balance between different aspects of her life. This multifaceted approach not only highlights Madison Marsh’s versatility but also positions her as a role model for those aspiring to break through societal norms.

Marsh’s journey began in a small town, where she did not have a predefined path into the pageant world. This underlines the idea that success knows no boundaries and that individuals have the power to chart their course, regardless of their background.

In her own words, shared via Miss America’s official channels, Marsh encourages others by stating, “You can achieve anything. The sky is not the limit, and the only person that’s stopping you is you.”

The pageant win is not just a personal achievement for Marsh; it is a momentous occasion for the U.S. Air Force as well. The official acknowledgment on social media platforms, such as X, reflects the pride and recognition Marsh has garnered within the military community.

Being hailed as “our very own” by the U.S. Air Force further emphasizes the significance of her victory in breaking stereotypes and showcasing the diverse talents within the armed forces.


Madison Marsh

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Madison Marsh




23 years


5 feet 8 Inches tall 

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The Miss America competition, with its 51 contestants representing various states and the District of Columbia, serves as a platform for women to showcase their intellect, talent, and leadership qualities. Marsh’s win goes beyond the glittering tiara; it symbolizes a paradigm shift in societal perceptions of beauty, capability, and career choices.

As the first active-duty Air Force officer to hold the title, Marsh paves the way for others to envision a future where professional success is not hindered by traditional expectations.

Grace Stanke, the 2023 Miss America, passing the crown to Madison Marsh adds a beautiful layer to this narrative of continuity and succession. It highlights the interconnectedness of women’s achievements and the supportive community fostered within the Miss America organization.

Stanke’s presence during the coronation serves as a reminder that each titleholder contributes to a legacy of empowerment and inspiration.

Marsh’s journey is not just about winning a pageant; it’s about embracing opportunities and breaking down barriers. In a media landscape often dominated by stereotypes, Marsh’s story challenges preconceived notions about beauty queens and military officers.

Her ability to seamlessly navigate both worlds speaks to the evolving nature of modern leadership, where individuals can be multidimensional and contribute meaningfully to various aspects of society.

The intersection of Marsh’s military service and her role as Miss America is a testament to the evolving definitions of leadership. In a recent interview with SWNS, as reported by The New York Post, Marsh shared her motivation for participating in the pageant.

She expressed, “In the military, it’s an open space to really lead in the way that you want to lead — in and out of uniform. I felt like pageants, and specifically winning Miss Colorado, was a way to truly exemplify that and to set the tone to help make other people feel more comfortable finding what means most to them.”

This insight into Marsh’s motivation adds depth to her narrative. It showcases a deliberate effort to bridge seemingly disparate aspects of her identity and mission. The pursuit of personal and professional passions is not mutually exclusive, and Marsh stands as a living example of someone who has successfully merged these aspects to create a meaningful impact.

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