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Maria Georgas, a 29-year-old Canadian, has become a focal point of attention during her participation in Season 28 of the popular reality dating series, “The Bachelor,” aired on ABC.

With her captivating presence and engaging storyline, she has not only captured the hearts of viewers but also secured a coveted position among the final four contestants.

As the season has progressed, Georgas’s journey has been marked by a blend of triumphs and challenges, drawing both acclaim and critique. While her resilience and determination have been on full display, she has not been immune to controversy.

Throughout her quest for love and the elusive final rose, she has faced allegations of being a “bully” while also being portrayed as “misunderstood.” This juxtaposition of perceptions has added layers of complexity to her narrative, inviting deeper analysis and discussion within the audience and fans of the show.

Despite the polarizing opinions surrounding her, Georgas remains a compelling figure whose story resonates with the dynamics of love, competition, and human emotions that are central to the essence of “The Bachelor.”

Who is Maria Georgas?


Sundeep Fernandes

Real Name

Sundeep Fernandes




35 years old


5 feet 5 Inches tall 

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$100k USD

Birth Place

Niksic, Montenegro








Joey Graziadei



Maria Georgas has indeed become a focal point of attention in Season 28 of “The Bachelor.” Originating from Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada, Maria’s roots ground her in a family-centric ethos, evident in her close bond with her father, Nick Georgas, who holds the esteemed position of CEO at Jubilee Candy Corporation.

Their relationship shone brightly during Maria’s heartfelt celebration of her father’s 60th birthday in June 2023, where she publicly expressed her admiration and affection for him on Instagram.

Beyond her familial ties, Maria leads a dynamic professional life as an executive assistant, showcasing her organizational prowess and dedication to her career.

However, Maria’s journey is not limited to the boardrooms and offices of her professional life. With a brief foray into the entertainment industry, she left a mark in the 2005 family film “The Pacifier,” sharing the screen with renowned stars like Vin Diesel, Brittany Snow, and Lauren Graham, where she portrayed a memorable Firefly character.

This glimpse into the world of film reflects Maria’s multifaceted interests and her ability to thrive in diverse environments. Yet, beneath her professional and entertainment endeavors lies Maria’s deepest desire: to find lasting love and companionship.

Tired of fleeting connections, Maria enters “The Bachelor” with a steadfast determination to unearth a genuine partnership, one that resonates with her diverse interests, ranging from a passion for horror movies to a proficiency in karate.

As she embarks on this journey within the confines of the reality dating series, Maria remains resolute in her quest to find a soulmate who not only shares her passions but also aligns with her values and aspirations for the future.

How old is Maria Georgas?

Maria Georgas, born on August 27, 1994, in the USA, is currently 29 years old, marking her as a significant contender in Season 28 of “The Bachelor.” While her professional endeavors and quest for love have garnered substantial attention, details about Maria’s familial background remain relatively scant.

However, recognizing the importance of understanding the full scope of her personal life, diligent efforts are underway to gather additional information about her parents and potential siblings.

Delving into Maria’s family history not only adds depth to her narrative but also provides invaluable insights into the influences that have shaped her character and values.

As we remain committed to presenting a comprehensive portrayal of Maria Georgas, we recognize the significance of illuminating her familial connections and their potential impact on her journey within the realm of reality television.

Who is Maria Georgas’s Boyfriend?

Maria Georgas has found herself entwined in a captivating romantic saga with Joey Graziadei, a Pennsylvania native hailing from the town of Collegeville.

After completing his education at West Chester University, where he distinguished himself as the head tennis professional at Princeville Makai Golf Club, Joey embarked on a transformative journey that led him to the picturesque shores of Hawaii.

It is within this exotic backdrop that Joey’s prominence soared as the leading figure in The Bachelor Season 28. The dynamic between Maria and Joey on The Bachelor has been nothing short of riveting, characterized by a whirlwind of emotions that have swept both participants and viewers alike.

Amidst the highs and lows of their courtship, a pivotal moment emerged during a tense two-on-one date with fellow contestant Sydney Gordon. Following this dramatic encounter, Maria finally seized the opportunity for an intimate solo date with Joey.

It was during this cherished moment that the pair unearthed a remarkable rapport, with Joey articulating their connection as “natural,” transcending the unconventional circumstances of their courtship within the confines of reality television.

For Joey, the path to romance has been paved with previous experiences, as his roots trace back to the tranquil town of Royersford, Pennsylvania.

His initial foray into the realm of reality television commenced with an appearance on The Bachelorette Season 20, where he fervently vied for the affection of Charity Lawson, ultimately culminating as the runner-up in his pursuit of love.

Transitioning from his upbringing in Collegeville to the vibrant landscapes of Hawaii marked a significant chapter in Joey’s life, one where his passion for tennis flourished amidst the challenges of relocation.

Despite the tumultuous challenges and captivating drama that unfolded on The Bachelor, Joey found himself drawn to Maria’s distinct personal style and spontaneous demeanor, recognizing in her a kindred spirit with whom he shared an exhilarating and authentic connection.

What is Maria Georgas Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Maria Georgas is around $100K USD.

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