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Melvin Barcliff, who was also recognized by his rap alias Magoo, passed away on August 13, 2023, at the age of 50. Online users were stunned by the announcement of his demise. He was most prominently identified as one half of the duo Timbaland & Magoo.

The news of his passing was verified by R&B artist Digital Black (Benjamin Bush), who shared on Instagram, “Man, can’t believe this. Rest in heaven, Magoo. Damn, big bro wasn’t prepared for all this. #superfriends”.


In a poignant show of remembrance, the American singer, accompanied by his close companion Ginuwine, offered heartfelt tributes. With a heavy heart, he conveyed “Times get rough but we keep on pushing just heard some news I hope it ain’t true. I just want everyone to know that time is short love who you love and make sure they know it.”

Who is Rapper Magoo?

Melvin Barcliff, known by his stage name Magoo, was the American rapper’s actual identity. Melvin gained his greatest recognition as a member of the hip-hop group Timbaland & Magoo. Magoo belonged to both African American and Native American ethnic backgrounds.

His journey into music began at a very young age. Moreover, he collaborated on tracks like “Beep Me 911” with Missy Elliott, “Up Jumps da Boogie” with Timbaland, and “Derby City (Interlude)” with Playa.


Timbaland & Magoo constituted a hip-hop pair alongside Timothy Mosley. Melvin Barcliff association with them commenced in 1989 when all three were still adolescents and had just encountered each other. The duo’s standout track “Up Jumps da Boogie” found its place in their inaugural album “Welcome to Our World,” which saw its release in 1997. They etched their reputation in the music realm as integral components of the hip-hop assemblies DeVante Swing’s R&B and Swing Mob.

DeVante, the rapper renowned for the track “You Know I Got Soul,” delved into his initial musical collaborations during an interview. He expressed, “Our focus wasn’t fixed on fame. The aspiration at that time revolved around hearing oneself on the radio, given that Michael Jackson dominated the airwaves.”


Rapper Magoo

Real Name

Melvin Barcliff






6.1 feel tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$700K to $1 Million USD

Birth Place

Norfolk, Virginia











Rapper Magoo’s Age, Parents, Siblings, and Height


Magoo, a towering figure at a height of 6.1 feet, had accumulated half a century’s worth of experiences and memories by the time he departed. Born in the year 1973, his origins trace back to the vibrant city of Norfolk, Virginia. A place steeped in history and culture, Norfolk might have played a part in shaping the artist known as Magoo.

Yet, despite his prominence in the world of music, Melvin Barcliff personal realm remained somewhat veiled. Details about his parents, the very roots from which Melvin Barcliff journey sprouted, and Melvin Barcliff relationships with siblings, if any, have remained confined to the shadows. Nevertheless, a resolute effort is in motion to uncover these obscured facets of his life story.

The enigmatic backdrop that shrouds Melvin Barcliff familial connections serves as a reminder that, beyond the limelight, artists have multifaceted narratives woven into the fabric of their being.

Who is Rapper Magoo’s Wife and Children?

Melvin Barcliff

Kevin has chosen to maintain a shroud of privacy around the intricate tapestry of his relationships and family life. While the specifics of his romantic entanglements remain an enigma, whether he navigates life as a solitary individual or shares companionship, we remain poised to unveil any newfound insights.

As we embark on this journey of discovery, we pledge to be your conduit of information, promptly updating you with any revelations that may come to light.

In the interim, we invite you to be vigilant, returning to these updates in anticipation of the moment when the veil of secrecy is lifted, and a clearer picture of Kevin’s personal landscape emerges.

The anticipation, the eagerness to comprehend the facets that comprise his world beyond the public eye, fuels our commitment to bringing you the latest revelations as they unfold. Rest assured, our dedication to illuminating the obscured corners of Kevin’s life remains unwavering, as we collectively await the revelation of the chapters that have yet to be shared.

What is Rapper Magoo’s Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Rapper Magoo is between $700K to $1 Million USD.

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