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Michael Shiakallis, a participant in Season 17 of the popular reality television show “Married at First Sight,” has garnered attention for making history on the program.

In a teaser for the season, it was hinted that Michael became the first groom to be left at the altar, adding an intriguing twist to the show’s narrative. Compounding the mystery, his partner’s identity remained undisclosed, heightening anticipation among viewers.

The initial glimpse into “Married at First Sight” Season 17 unveiled the dramatic moment when Michael found himself abandoned at the altar on his wedding day, setting the stage for an emotionally charged storyline.

Despite this setback, Michael’s profile extends beyond the confines of reality television. With a professional background that includes serving as the Head of SMS Digital Experience at Lumen Technologies, he brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to his endeavors.

His portrayal on the show as a resilient and accomplished individual underscores the complexity of his character, making him a compelling figure for audiences to follow as the season unfolds.

Who is Michael Shiakallis?


Michael Shiakallis

Real Name

Michael Shiakallis




39 years


5 feet 5 Inches tall 

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

100K USD

Birth Place











Chloe Brown

Michael Shiakallis, recognized for his participation in Season 17 of the widely watched reality TV series “Married at First Sight,” has not only left an indelible mark on the show’s history but has also showcased his versatility beyond the realm of television entertainment.

Prior to his appearance on “Married at First Sight,” Michael engaged in a spirited Spartan race against the famed athlete Tom Brady back in 2015, an event that, despite his loss, added an intriguing facet to his public persona.

Displaying good sportsmanship, Michael shared a playful video of the race on his Facebook page, acknowledging Brady’s formidable speed with a lighthearted caption.

Hailing from Stanton, Santa Ana, Michael’s journey began at Mater Dei High School before he pursued higher education in his home state of California, culminating in the completion of his studies in Operations Management at California State University.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a Concentration in Operations Management from Cal State Fullerton, College of Business and Economics, a testament to his dedication to academic excellence.

Michael’s professional trajectory is marked by a series of significant roles in the telecommunications industry.

Commencing his career as a Technical Service Consultant at Sprint in 2003, he steadily progressed through various positions, including Lead Implementation Specialist Level 2, before transitioning to AT&T, where he served as a Senior Project Program Manager starting in 2010, as documented on his LinkedIn profile.

Relocating to Denver in 2019, Michael’s personal life has also undergone significant changes, as he disclosed during the initial impressions segment of “Married at First Sight” Season 17 on Lifetime.

Admitting to being single since his move to Denver, Michael offered insight into his dating philosophy, describing himself as having “an eclectic taste and an eclectic set of hobbies,” which he believes may contribute to his status as a single man.

Reflecting on his participation in the Lifetime show, Michael expressed a poignant desire for companionship, emphasizing that this opportunity represents a pivotal moment in his life.

He articulated, “I don’t want to continue not to have a woman to love and not have a woman to share my life with. I don’t want that anymore,” underscoring his earnest quest for love and connection.

How old is Michael Shiakallis?

Michael Shiakallis was born in 1984 in the United States, making him 39 years old. While details about his parents and siblings are not readily available, efforts are underway to gather additional information about his family background.

Who is Michael Shiakallis’s Wife?

Michael Shiakallis, a prominent figure from Season 17 of the reality TV sensation “Married At First Sight,” has recently found himself amidst swirling speculations about the status of his relationship with Chloe Brown, his partner on the show.

In a recent episode, the couple is depicted embarking on the search for a new apartment together following Decision Day, a pivotal moment in the series where participants decide the fate of their unions. However, the scene takes a somber turn as Michael voices uncertainty regarding the future of their relationship.

Michael broaches the idea of living apart for a few months following the conclusion of the eight-week experiment, citing a need to evaluate various aspects and dynamics of their marriage that have left him questioning its sustainability. Despite professing strong feelings for Chloe, Michael admits to experiencing moments of emotional exhaustion, indicating a strain on their connection.

During a candid discussion, Michael shares his doubts, expressing uncertainty about whether the intensity of their shared experience aligns with his expectations of marital bliss.

He acknowledges Chloe’s receptiveness to his perspectives and backgrounds but confesses to feeling drained by the weight of their shared responsibilities.

“One of the challenges about the level of intensity of us sharing everything was just underestimating how draining that could be even with us being on the same page,” Michael reflects.

He goes on to commend Chloe’s understanding and support but hints at a need for space to reassess their dynamic. Chloe, in turn, expresses a need for time to process Michael’s revelations, signaling a potential crossroads in their journey together.

As viewers await further developments in Michael and Chloe’s relationship, the unfolding narrative underscores the complexities inherent in navigating the intricacies of marriage, even under the unconventional circumstances of reality television.

What is Michael Shiakallis’s Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of  Michael Shiakallis is around $100K USD.

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