Who is Nicole Yarbrough? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Husband

Nicole Yarbrough‘s identity is notably intertwined with that of her husband, Ryan Yarbrough, a distinguished American professional baseball pitcher who holds affiliation with the Los Angeles Dodgers within the realm of Major League Baseball.

Through the content presented in this article, Nicole Yarbrough emerges as a significant figure, known for her association with the accomplished athlete. Her presence adds a layer of depth to the narrative, shedding light on the supportive role she plays in Ryan Yarbrough’s professional and personal journey.

As the wife of a renowned baseball player, Nicole’s connection to the sports world becomes a focal point, marking her as a supportive partner who stands by Ryan’s side as he navigates his career in the spotlight.

Her presence and the bond she shares with Ryan Yarbrough underscore the importance of partnerships and the influence they have in shaping the lives of individuals within the realm of professional sports.

Who is Nicole Yarbrough?

Nicole Yarbrough‘s identity is distinctly interwoven with that of her husband, Ryan Yarbrough. Beyond her role as his spouse, Nicole has a history of standing out in the realm of lacrosse, both during her high school and college years.

Her prowess in the sport earned her recognition, notably receiving All-SSC second team honors for her outstanding performance. This background underscores her genuine passion for sports, a sentiment that extends to baseball, in particular, a sport that has played a significant role in shaping her relationship with Ryan.

The bond between Nicole and Ryan is further solidified by their mutual affinity for athletics. It was their shared passion for sports, including Nicole’s own interest in baseball, that acted as a catalyst in bringing them together.

As her connection with Ryan grew, her genuine enthusiasm for sports, combined with her specific interest in baseball, seamlessly aligned with Ryan’s career as a professional baseball pitcher.

This shared enthusiasm undoubtedly served as a strong foundation for their connection, fostering a sense of camaraderie and understanding that forms the cornerstone of their relationship.

Nicole Yarbrough Age, Height, Parents and Siblings

Nicole Yarbrough, a resident of the USA, currently finds herself in her late 20s, embodying the energy and perspectives of this dynamic life stage.

Standing at a height of 5.7 feet, her presence exudes a sense of poise and stature. In terms of her familial connections, Nicole’s parents are Joe and Lisa Bellini, individuals who have likely played a pivotal role in shaping her life journey.

Additionally, her brother Joey is another important member of her family constellation. While specifics about her siblings remain somewhat limited, our efforts are focused on gathering more information to provide a more comprehensive understanding of her familial dynamics.

As we continue our exploration, we are committed to sharing any additional insights that shed light on her upbringing and her relationships within her family circle.


Nicole Yarbrough

Real Name

Nicole Yarbrough




Late 20’s


5.7 feet

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$100K USD

Birth Place











Ryan Yarbrough

Who is Nicole Yarbrough Husband?

Nicole Yarbrough’s marital bond is with Ryan Yarbrough, a connection that has created a strong foundation for their shared journey.

Both hailing from the Tampa Bay area, their mutual ties to this region have played a significant role in shaping their lives.  Their commitment to each other was formalized in 2019 when they exchanged vows in a momentous occasion that marked the beginning of their married life.

The couple’s union was further enriched in 2021 when they joyfully welcomed their first child, a significant milestone that has undoubtedly added a new dimension of love and fulfillment to their lives. Nicole and Ryan Yarbrough’s story is one of shared roots, love, and the expansion of their family, encapsulating the joyous chapters they continue to write together.

What is Nicole Yarbrough Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Nicole Yarbrough is around $100K USD.

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