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Noelia Voigt of Utah achieved a remarkable milestone by clinching the coveted title of Miss USA at a prestigious event held in Reno, Nevada.

The grand finale of the 2023 pageant, hosted at the Grand Sierra Resort, unfolded in a captivating live broadcast on the CW Network, where viewers witnessed the coronation of the new Miss USA.

Savannah Gankiewicz of Hawaii distinguished herself as the first-runner-up, showcasing her remarkable talent and presence throughout the competition. However, it was Noelia Voigt who stole the spotlight with her poise, grace, and compelling response during the final Q&A round.

When posed with a pivotal question regarding her potential contributions to the Miss Universe Organization as a “brand ambassador” and Miss USA, Noelia Voigt seized the moment.

She eloquently highlighted her identity as a “bilingual Venezuelan-American” and passionately pledged to bridge cultural divides and champion inclusivity by fostering connections with diverse communities across the United States.

Noelia’s sincerity and commitment to promoting understanding and unity undoubtedly played a significant role in securing her title as Miss USA, elevating her to the status of an inspirational figure in the world of pageantry.

Her victory serves as a shining example of the transformative power of representation and diversity in the realm of beauty pageants.

Who is Noelia Voigt?


Noelia Voigt

Real Name

Noelia Voigt




23 years old


5.7 feet tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$400K USD

Birth Place












Noelia Voigt, hailing from Miss Utah USA, emerged triumphant as she was crowned Miss USA during a prestigious event held at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Nevada.

At the age of 23, she stood out among 50 other talented contestants, showcasing her poise, grace, and charm to claim the coveted title.

Following her victory in the beauty pageant, Noelia Voigt is now set to represent the United States on the international stage. She will advance to compete in the Miss Universe competition scheduled for November 18, 2023, in El Salvador, where she will have the opportunity to shine on a global platform.

Noelia’s multicultural background adds depth to her identity. Born in Florida, she is the daughter of a mother of Latin descent and an American father, although their names were not disclosed in available sources at the time of this article. Her fluency in both Spanish and English further highlights her rich cultural heritage.

Throughout her educational journey, Noelia has attended various institutions, including Pine View School, Florida Virtual School, the University of Alabama, Jefferson State Community College, and the Aveda Institute Birmingham.

Noelia Voigt’s remarkable achievements and cultural diversity make her a fitting representative of the United States as she embarks on her journey as Miss USA. Her story serves as an inspiration, embodying the values of inclusivity, diversity, and excellence.

How old is Noelia Voigt?

Noelia Voigt, the recently crowned Miss USA, was born in the United States in the year 2000, making her 23 years old at the time of this article. Standing tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches, she possesses a commanding presence that adds to her graceful demeanor.

While Noelia’s remarkable achievements and journey have garnered attention, specific details about her parents and siblings remain relatively private.

Nonetheless, our commitment to providing comprehensive information drives us to make every effort to uncover further insights into her familial background.

Through our continued diligence, we aim to offer a more complete understanding of this accomplished individual and the factors that have shaped her journey to success.

Who is  Noelia Voigt Boyfriend?

Noelia Voigt, the newly crowned Miss USA, has made a deliberate choice to maintain privacy regarding her personal relationship status. As of now, whether she is romantically involved or single remains undisclosed.

Nevertheless, our dedication to providing the latest news ensures that we will closely monitor any developments regarding her love life. Should any details emerge, rest assured that we will promptly update you.

Until then, we encourage you to stay tuned for any forthcoming updates that may offer insights into this aspect of Noelia Voigt’s life in the near future.

What is Noelia Voigt Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of  Noelia Voigt is around $400K USD.

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