Who is Nolen Dubuc? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend

Nolen Dubuc, a Canadian actor and singer, has garnered recognition for his diverse roles in various films, notably including “Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas,” “Taking a Shot at Love,” and “13: The Musical.”

Beyond his on-screen presence, Dubuc has cultivated a significant following on social media platforms, where his fans express curiosity about his personal life, career trajectory, and relationship status.

Given his prominence in the entertainment industry and the intrigue surrounding his off-screen endeavors, it is opportune to delve into these aspects to gain a comprehensive understanding of Dubuc’s journey and accomplishments.

Who is Nolen Dubuc?


Nolen Dubuc

Real Name

Nolen Dubuc


October 6, 2007


16 years


5 feet 8 Inches tall 

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$50K USD

Birth Place












Nolen Dubuc, a multifaceted Canadian talent, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with his captivating performances across various mediums.

Renowned for his roles in acclaimed films such as “Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas,” “Taking a Shot at Love,” and “13: The Musical,” Dubuc’s versatility and dedication to his craft have earned him both critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.

Notably, his involvement in “13: The Musical” extended beyond acting, as he contributed to the film’s soundtrack, showcasing his musical prowess alongside his acting talents.

Moreover, Dubuc’s on-screen presence transcends the silver screen, as evidenced by his appearances in television productions like the 2021 series “Schmigadoon!” and the 2020 TV movie “The Christmas Waltz.”

Dubuc’s journey into the world of acting began in 2019 with a modest role in the film “Good Boys,” marking the commencement of what promises to be a remarkable career trajectory.

His commitment to excellence in performance has been duly recognized, as reflected in his nomination for an Ovation Award and a Joey Award for his portrayal of Michael Banks in the Theatre Under the Stars production of “Mary Poppins.”

Beyond his theatrical achievements, Dubuc maintains an active presence on social media, utilizing platforms such as his self-titled YouTube channel to showcase his talents, including mesmerizing dance performances that further demonstrate his artistic range.

Rooted in family and upbringing, Dubuc’s personal life offers insights into the values that shape his professional endeavors. Raised in British Columbia, Canada, alongside his two brothers, Sam and Gabe, Dubuc draws strength and inspiration from his tight-knit familial bonds.

His parents, Kristin and Yannick, have undoubtedly played pivotal roles in nurturing his passion for the performing arts and instilling within him the discipline and determination necessary for success.

Moreover, Dubuc’s collaborative spirit and commitment to his craft are evident in his work alongside esteemed figures in the industry, such as actress Debra Messing and actor Josh Peck, with whom he collaborated for the film “13: The Musical.”

Through these collaborations and his own artistic endeavors, Dubuc continues to captivate audiences and leave an enduring impact on the entertainment landscape, solidifying his status as a rising star to watch. As his journey unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the next chapter in Nolen Dubuc’s illustrious career.

How old is Nolen Dubuc?

Nolen Dubuc, born on October 6, 2007, in Canada, is currently 16 years old, showcasing remarkable talent and potential at a young age. While details about his parents and siblings remain scarce at this time, efforts are underway to uncover more information about his familial background.

As Dubuc continues to captivate audiences with his performances and endeavors, there is keen interest in learning more about the influences and support system that have contributed to his burgeoning career in the entertainment industry. Stay tuned for updates as we strive to shed light on the individuals who have played integral roles in shaping Dubuc’s journey thus far.

Who is  Nolen Dubuc Girlfriend?

Nolen Dubuc maintains a discreet approach to his relationship status, choosing to keep this aspect of his personal life private. While it remains uncertain whether he is currently dating or single, the intrigue surrounding his romantic life persists among fans and followers.

Rest assured, any developments or insights into Dubuc’s love life will be promptly shared as soon as they become available. Stay tuned for further updates as we endeavor to provide more information on this front in the near future.

What is Nolen Dubuc Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of  Nolen Dubuc is around $50K USD.

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