Who is Scott McAfee? Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Wife

Scott McAfee, who assumed the role of a Fulton County Superior Court judge in February, has been designated to oversee an event of significant legal import – the fourth criminal indictment faced by Donald Trump this year.

Beyond his new judicial responsibilities, Scott previously held a distinct role in investigating claims of fraud, waste, and abuse within the Executive Branch of state government.

Scott McAfee

As his tenure evolves, his scope extends to presiding over cases of national prominence, positioning him as a pivotal figure within the judicial landscape. This development marks a convergence of legal and political currents, with Scott McAfee’s experience and expertise poised to navigate the intricate intricacies of the cases that cross his bench.

Who is Scott McAfee?

Scott pivotal role takes center stage as he’s been designated to preside over an impactful event – Donald Trump’s fourth criminal indictment of the year.

Before stepping into his current capacity, McAfee amassed an impressive legal portfolio, previously serving as an assistant United States attorney in the Northern District of Georgia. Further bolstering his legal acumen, he also held the position of senior assistant district attorney within the Fulton County Atlanta Judicial Circuit, where his contributions undoubtedly left a mark.

Scott McAfee

Delving into his academic background, McAfee’s inspector general biography reveals an educational journey marked by diversity. He acquired his undergraduate degree from Emory University, with a focus on music, showcasing a multidimensional approach to his pursuits. His thirst for knowledge then led him to achieve his JD from the esteemed University of Georgia School of Law.

In the realm of law, his trajectory unfolds as a mosaic of experiences, with each chapter contributing to his expertise and versatility. As he presides over high-profile cases and navigates intricate legal waters, Scott McAfee’s journey emerges as a testament to the dedication and drive that define his career.


Scott McAfee

Real Name

Scott McAfee




Mid 40’s


6 feet

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$500K USD

Birth Place












Scott McAfee Age, Height, Parents, Siblings

Scott McAfee hails from the United States and currently finds himself in his mid-40s, a phase of life that often reflects a blend of experiences and maturity. With a height of 6 feet, his physical presence commands attention, resonating with his stature in the professional realm.

However, when it comes to his familial ties, details about his parents and potential siblings remain elusive at the moment. Yet, rest assured, diligent efforts are being made to unveil more information about these essential elements of his background. As we endeavor to shed light on his roots, the narrative of Scott McAfee’s life journey gains further depth, revealing the intricate web of connections that contribute to shaping the individual he is today.

Scott McAfee

Who is Scott McAfee’s Wife?

Residing in Georgia, Scott McAfee’s personal life includes his role as a husband and father. He is married to a wife and together they are parents to two children. Amidst his professional responsibilities and legal pursuits, his family remains a source of support and inspiration, underscoring the multi-faceted aspects of his life.

Scott McAfee

The balance between his legal career and his role within his family reflects the intricacies that make up the tapestry of Scott McAfee’s identity, portraying a well-rounded individual who navigates both professional and personal realms with dedication and grace.

What is Scott McAfee’s Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Scott McAfee is around $500K USD.

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