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Sebastian Schieren, a distinguished Social Media Personality, Instagram Influencer, and TikTok Star, has made an indelible mark in the digital realm. At the time of composing this article, his Instagram account commands an impressive following of 1.8 million enthusiasts, featuring a curated collection of 471 posts that encapsulate his captivating journey.

Renowned on TikTok for his riveting travel and outdoor adventure content, Schieren employs sophisticated tools such as drones and Go Pros to meticulously capture breathtaking shots. The repertoire of his videos spans a spectrum of exhilarating activities, from surfing and mountain climbing to bike riding, resonating with an audience that has propelled his TikTok account, sebastian_schieren, to an awe-inspiring 3.5 million followers since its inception in 2019. His YouTube channel has around 12.3K subscribers.

The inception of his digital journey was marked by a captivating drone shot, portraying him against the backdrop of an isolated Swedish cabin. Subsequently, Schieren has documented his endeavors, including the transformation of a van into a unique living space, demonstrating his multifaceted talents beyond outdoor pursuits. His TikTok content, set to the backdrop of popular tracks such as Imagine Dragons’ “Believer” and Luke Chiang’s “Shouldn’t Be,” further elevates the immersive experience for his followers.

Sebastian Schieren

Not limited to TikTok, Sebastian Schieren has also cultivated a significant presence on Instagram, where his sebastian_schieren account showcases an array of captivating travel photos. His collaborative ventures with other prominent figures in the digital sphere, such as N1ckdorn, underscore his status as one of the leading German TikTok stars celebrated for their exceptional travel content.

Beyond his digital exploits, Schieren has established a noteworthy career as a freelance filmmaker over the past seven years. His portfolio includes the creation of compelling documentaries, short films, and commercials for various esteemed companies and organizations. Leveraging his social media platforms, which boast a cumulative following of over 2 million, he has seamlessly integrated collaborations with diverse brands into his professional narrative.

While not identifying as a professional athlete, Schieren compensates for this through his adept filmmaking skills and an ardent passion for outdoor sports. Hailing from Germany, he pursued and completed his bachelor’s degree in economics in Innsbruck, Austria, where he currently resides and continues to contribute to the digital landscape with his engaging content and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Sebastian Schieren Age, Parents, and Height

Sebastian Schieren, the renowned German luminary born on the 15th of April, finds himself in the embrace of his early 30s, standing tall at an impressive height of 6 feet. As he captivates audiences with his digital prowess and compelling content, the enigmatic veil shrouding his personal life, particularly details about his parents and siblings, adds an air of mystery to his public persona. In the relentless pursuit of delivering comprehensive insights, diligent efforts are currently underway to unearth and present a thorough exploration of his familial background.

Sebastian Schieren

Schieren’s journey continues to unfold in the realm of captivating storytelling, and while his professional endeavors take center stage, the curiosity surrounding his personal life amplifies. The narrative remains an evolving tale, and any updates or revelations regarding his familial connections will be meticulously uncovered and promptly shared, ensuring that our audience remains intricately connected to the multifaceted facets of Sebastian Schieren’s life. Stay tuned as we navigate the intriguing pathways of his personal history, promising a closer look at the man behind the digital curtain in the near future.


Sebastian Schieren

Real Name

Sebastian Schieren




Early 30’s 


6 feet tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$200K USD

Birth Place












Sebastian Schieren Boyfriend

Maintaining a discreet approach to his personal life, Sebastian Schieren has chosen to keep his relationship status under wraps. While details about whether he is currently in a relationship or single remain undisclosed, our commitment to keeping our audience informed remains unwavering. Any developments pertaining to Schieren’s love life will be promptly communicated, ensuring our audience stays abreast of the latest updates. We encourage you to stay tuned for more information, as we diligently strive to provide insights into this aspect of his life in the near future.

Sebastian Schieren

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