Who is Shan Vincent de Paul [SVDP]? Exploring the Story: Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth

Shan Vincent de Paul, widely recognized by his stage name SVDP, stands as a prominent and multifaceted Tamil Canadian figure, donning roles as a versatile musician, rapper, recording artist, and director. Born in 1982 in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, SVDP currently resides in the vibrant city of Toronto, Ontario. His journey unfolds against the backdrop of his family’s migration to Canada at the tender age of 6, escaping the tumultuous Sri Lankan Civil War.

Growing up in the culturally diverse Brampton suburb of Toronto, SVDP faced adversity amidst a predominantly Portuguese and Italian community, experiencing isolation and prejudice. However, amidst these challenges, he found solace and inspiration in the works of contemporary Black American artists, immersing himself in the music of DMX and Outkast during breaks at his parents’ furniture store. His Instagram boasts 195K followers.


Despite completing his college education at his parents’ behest, Shan Vincent de Paul [SVDP] harbored disdain for the Western curriculum, opting instead to pursue his passion for music. His journey led him to establish a duo, embark on constant tours, initiate a solo career, and release an album, all without significant success. Shan Vincent de Paul [SVDP] highlights the challenges faced by Canadian artists in gaining industry support, asserting that respect often necessitates leaving the country. Consequently, he ventured beyond Canada’s borders.



Real Name

Shan Vincent de Paul




41 years


5 feet 7 Inches tall 

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$100K USD

Birth Place

Jaffna, Sri Lanka











Shan Vincent de Paul [SVDP] Career

Noteworthy in his career is the collaboration with rapper Navz and Indian film composer Santhosh on ‘Neeye Oli,’ the theme song for the Tamil-language sports drama ‘Sarpatta Parambarai.’ The success of the song can be attributed to the platform Shan Vincent de Paul [SVDP] had meticulously built, supported by Santhosh. This collaboration marked a turning point where SVDP no longer needed to prove or justify his artistic identity. He also runs a YouTube channel that has around 49K subscribers.

SVDP released his debut album “Saviors” in 2016, followed by his second album “Trigger Happy Heartbreak” and an EP “SVDP 1” in 2017. A member of the Toronto-based artist collective sideways, alongside notable artists like Coleman Hell, La+ch, Mad Dog Jones, and Micah, SVDP has garnered recognition for his debut album “Saviors.”

His influence extends to media outlets such as Highsnobiety, Complex, BBC, CBC, DJBOOTH, Okayplayer, Afropunk, Clash Magazine, and Torontist. Shan Vincent de Paul [SVDP] has also composed music for the television series ‘Sort Of.’ In collaboration with Emily Persich, Moël, Terrell Morris, Ceréna, and Vivek Shraya, SVDP clinched a Canadian Screen Award for Best Original Music in a Comedy Series at the 11th Canadian Screen Awards in 2023.


Further expanding his discography, SVDP has released several albums, including the 2021 release “Amnesia” featuring Ami, the 2019 album “Ex Xo,” and various other projects, showcasing his evolving artistic prowess.

In recognition of his contributions, SVDP has received numerous accolades and nominations over the years. These include nominations at the Ontario Independent Music Awards (2007), Toronto Independent Music Awards (2008, 2011, 2012), and Independent Music Awards (2009, 2016).

Notably, he secured victory in the Best Rap category at the Toronto Independent Music Awards in 2011 and the Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song category at the Independent Music Awards in 2016. Additionally, SVDP’s notable work in the video “Neeye Oli” earned him a nomination for Video of the Year at the Juno Awards in 2022. In essence, SVDP’s artistic journey is a testament to his resilience, innovation, and contribution to the cultural tapestry, leaving an indelible mark on the Canadian and international music scenes.

Shan Vincent de Paul [SVDP] Nationality, Age, Ethnicity

Shan Vincent de Paul [SVDP], acknowledged for his Canadian nationality, is ethnically rooted in the Tamil Canadian heritage. His birth in 1982 in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, marks the inception of a life journey that has traversed geographical boundaries, with his current residence situated in the dynamic city of Toronto, Ontario. This biographical exploration not only delves into the intricacies of his cultural background but also illuminates the transformative impact of the various places he has called home on his artistic odyssey.


The intersection of Shan Vincent de Paul [SVDP]’s Tamil heritage with the diverse Canadian milieu forms a fundamental element of his multifaceted identity. This convergence serves as a cornerstone, shaping the narrative of his experiences as a musician, rapper, recording artist, and director. The fusion of his cultural roots with the Canadian context weaves a compelling narrative that adds depth and nuance to his artistic expression. Through the lens of his Tamil Canadian identity, Shan Vincent de Paul [SVDP] creative endeavors become not only a reflection of personal experiences but also a resonant contribution to the broader cultural mosaic.

Shan Vincent de Paul’s Wife and Daughter

Shan Vincent de Paul, the accomplished Canadian artist, is married to Tika, a Jamaican music artist, composer, and singer. The union of these two talented individuals took place on June 8, 2021. Together, they form a dynamic and creative duo, bringing their respective musical talents into harmony both personally and professionally. The couple shares a beautiful daughter named Remedios X, although it is not explicitly specified whether she is the product of their union or from a previous relationship.


In a heartfelt revelation to Atwood Magazine, Shan Vincent de Paul [SVDP]opens up about the profound impact of fatherhood on his life and artistic expression. He expresses the significance of his daughter, Remedios X, in the creation of his music, particularly highlighting the track dedicated to her titled “Mimi.” Shan describes his daughter as his ultimate savior and shares that the song was crafted shortly after her birth. Amidst the overarching emotional weight of the album, the inclusion of this song serves as a poignant and uplifting tribute, providing a tender ode to fatherhood.

Shan Vincent de Paul [SVDP]’s commitment to capturing these precious moments is further underscored by his creation of a video for his daughter, intending it as a timeless gift for her future self. In his own words, he articulates the profound joy Remedios X brings him, emphasizing her role in providing him with new life, reinforcing his purpose, and illuminating a light that instills eternal hope. The artist’s sentiments reflect a deep and sincere connection with fatherhood, encapsulating the transformative and inspiring nature of the bond between parent and child.

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