Who is Sundeep Fernandes Comedian? Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Sundeep Fernandes, a luminary in the realm of comedy and internet entertainment, has etched his name into the digital landscape with a distinctive blend of humor and relatability.

Renowned for his exceptional wit, Fernandes has become a household name, particularly celebrated for his uproarious videos, notably those centering around job interviews. This comedic maestro’s work has transcended platforms, resonating with audiences on TikTok and Instagram, where his content has achieved viral status.


Sundeep Fernandes

Real Name

Sundeep Fernandes


2 August 1984




5 feet 7 Inches tall 

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The Humorous Tapestry of Sundeep Fernandes

Sundeep Fernandes

While Fernandes’s job-centric sketches offer a delightful escape into laughter, they also serve as a mirror reflecting the harsh truths encountered by many during the nerve-wracking process of job interviews. Beyond the laughter lies a keen observation of the challenges and absurdities inherent in the professional sphere.

A Glimpse into Sundeep Fernandes’ Digital Dominion

Sundeep Fernandes

Beyond his comedic prowess, Fernandes stands tall as an internet personality, amassing an impressive following of 325,000 on Instagram. His online presence is further underscored by his triumph at the 2017 Short + Sweet Comedy Festival, a testament to his ability to seamlessly blend humor with societal insights. In his Instagram bio, Fernandes proudly wears the hat of a commercial model, showcasing the diversity of his talents.

The Evolution: Dubai to Digital Stardom

Sundeep Fernandes

Contrary to the image of an overnight success, Sundeep Fernandes’ journey in the entertainment industry finds its roots in several years of professional experience in Dubai. His LinkedIn profile reveals a multifaceted career, with his role as Director of Project and Procurement at FEBC International since September 2013 being the latest chapter in his illustrious career.

Prior to this, he served as Senior Projects Manager at the Parker Company for over nine years, demonstrating his enduring commitment to excellence. Additionally, his professional tapestry includes a six-year tenure as a Senior Buyer at Jumeirah, further solidifying his credentials in the corporate world.

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Academic Foundations: A Balanced Equation

Sundeep Fernandes

Sundeep Fernandes is not just a purveyor of laughter but also a man of academic substance. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the prestigious University of Mumbai. Further augmenting his knowledge base, in 1997, he earned a Diploma in Hotel Management from the Institute of Hotel, Cargo, and Tourism Management.

Beyond Shorts: Sundeep’s YouTube Odyssey

Sundeep Fernandes

Sundeep Fernandes is not confined to the realm of short-form videos. His foray into YouTube, dating back 12 years, showcases a more extensive range of content. Alongside his signature comedic sketches, Fernandes offers a personal touch through vlogs, providing viewers with a deeper insight into the man behind the laughter.

Chronicles of Age: Sundeep Fernandes in His Late 40s

Sundeep Fernandes

As of now, Sundeep Fernandes finds himself in the embrace of his late 40s, bringing a wealth of life experiences and a diverse professional background to the forefront of his comedic endeavors. Through his multifaceted journey, Sundeep continues to captivate audiences with his unique brand of humor and relatable portrayals of everyday situations.

In essence, Sundeep Fernandes emerges not merely as a comedian but as a confluence of talent, intellect, and charisma, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of comedy and internet stardom.

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