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Vivian Guglielmetti, recognized as the spouse of Robson de Souza, popularly known as Robinho, the former Manchester City footballer, finds herself intertwined in a web of legal complexities as her husband faces grave allegations.

Robinho has been sentenced to serve a nine-year prison term for the alleged sexual assault of a woman in Milan, Italy.

The gravity of the situation is underscored by the issuance of an international arrest warrant against Robinho by Italian authorities seven years ago, a warrant that he has thus far managed to evade.

This development casts a stark light on the challenges and consequences that professional athletes may face beyond the realm of sports, emphasizing the need for accountability and justice irrespective of one’s public persona or past achievements.

As the legal saga unfolds, it raises pertinent questions about the responsibilities and accountability of public figures, the efficacy of international legal mechanisms, and the broader societal discourse surrounding issues of consent and sexual assault.

Vivian Guglielmetti’s role and perspective amid these unfolding events, while largely private, offer a glimpse into the personal and professional complexities faced by individuals associated with high-profile figures embroiled in legal controversies.

Who is Vivian Guglielmetti?


Vivian Guglielmetti

Real Name

Vivian Guglielmetti




Mid 30’s


5 feet 5 Inches tall 

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$100K USD

Birth Place











Robson de Souza

Vivian Guglielmetti, renowned as the spouse of Robson de Souza, affectionately known as Robinho, the former Manchester City footballer, finds herself entangled in a complex legal narrative as her husband confronts serious allegations.

Their relationship, a saga spanning over a decade, traces back to their teenage years, blossoming into a union that culminated in marriage in July 2009.

Amidst the backdrop of Robinho’s prominence as the Premier League’s highest-paid player, their love story endured, albeit punctuated by challenges, including a significant postponement of their wedding following allegations of sexual assault against Robinho in a Leeds nightclub earlier that year.

Despite the turbulence, Vivian remained steadfast, rescheduling their nuptials only after the legal case was dropped, firmly believing in her husband’s innocence.

Their bond weathered another storm in 2011 when they briefly separated, the reasons for which remained undisclosed. Yet, their commitment to each other prevailed, with Robinho and Vivian reconciling and choosing to navigate life’s complexities together.

As Robinho’s legal battles resurface with his recent conviction, Vivian’s steadfast support amid the maelstrom of public scrutiny underscores the resilience of their bond.

Despite maintaining his innocence and attributing his indiscretions solely to marital infidelity, Robinho’s tarnished reputation casts a shadow over their shared journey.

Vivian’s unwavering loyalty amidst these tumultuous times highlights the complexities faced by spouses of high-profile individuals embroiled in legal controversies, prompting introspection into the dynamics of loyalty, forgiveness, and the pursuit of justice within the confines of a marital relationship.

How old is Vivian Guglielmetti?

Vivian Guglielmetti, a woman in her mid-30s hailing from the United States, maintains a private stance regarding her family background, including details about her parents and siblings.

While specific information about her familial ties remains elusive at present, efforts are underway to gather pertinent details. As such, her personal narrative, including familial influences and dynamics, remains a subject for further exploration and understanding.

Who is Vivian Guglielmetti Husband?

Vivian Guglielmetti is married to Robson de Souza, more commonly known as Robinho. Their enduring relationship spans an impressive 12 years before they exchanged vows in a ceremony held in July 2009.

Together, they have built a loving family home in Santos, situated just outside Sao Paulo, Brazil, where they reside with their three children.

Their eldest, Robson Jr Guglielmetti de Souza, named in honor of his father, entered the world in 2007, marking a joyous addition to their lives. Remarkably, he was merely 18 months old when his parents sealed their commitment in marriage.

Following Robson Jr’s arrival, Gianluca joined the family in 2011, further enriching their household with his presence. Their youngest, a daughter, graced their lives in 2015, completing their trio of cherished offspring.

Their family life in Santos serves as a testament to their enduring bond and shared commitment to nurturing their children in a warm and supportive environment. As they continue to navigate life’s joys and challenges together, the Guglielmetti-de Souza family remains a beacon of love and unity.

What is Vivian Guglielmetti’s Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Vivian Guglielmetti is around $100K USD.

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