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In the ever-evolving realm of music and social media, few personalities have managed to carve out a niche as unique and captivating as Wenzl McGowen, widely celebrated as Traffic Cone Saxman aka trafficconesaxman.

Beyond the confines of conventional musical expression, McGowen has not only redefined the boundaries of his craft but has also harnessed the power of social media platforms to garner widespread acclaim, creating a musical journey that resonates far beyond the stage.



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Wenzl McGowen




in 30s


5 feet 9 Inches tall 

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Ana Duque



The Enigmatic Traffic Cone Jam Phenomenon


At the heart of McGowen’s artistic journey lies the enigmatic Traffic Cone Jam—a musical spectacle that transcends traditional norms. His ability to transform a mundane traffic cone into a musical instrument, creating harmonious melodies with his saxophone, has become a defining feature of his performances.

What initially began as a local curiosity in public spaces and restaurants has now evolved into a global sensation, with videos of his Traffic Cone Jam going viral on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

The brilliance of McGowen’s Traffic Cone Jam lies not just in its novelty but in the sheer audacity of its execution. The traffic cone, an everyday object relegated to the mundane task of directing traffic, becomes a conduit for artistic expression in McGowen’s hands.

This innovative approach not only showcases his musical prowess but also underscores the transformative power of creativity when applied to the seemingly ordinary.

Moon Hooch: A Sonic Odyssey with Wenzl McGowen


Delving deeper into McGowen’s musical tapestry, he stands as an integral member of the subway band, Moon Hooch. Comprising Michael Wilbur, Cyzon Griffin, and himself, Moon Hooch has become synonymous with a genre-defying sound that seamlessly blends elements of jazz, funk, and electronic music.

McGowen’s creative contributions, including the viral sensation “Traffic Cone Jam,” have played a pivotal role in shaping the band’s identity and garnering a dedicated fan base.

Moon Hooch’s sonic journey is not merely a fusion of musical genres but a sonic odyssey that invites listeners to explore uncharted territories. Their self-titled debut album, “Moon Hooch” (2013), served as a sonic manifesto, introducing the world to their experimental and vibrant sound.

Subsequent releases, such as “This Is Cave Music” (2014) and the latest opus, “Life on Other Planets” (2020), have solidified Moon Hooch’s position as musical pioneers pushing the boundaries of conventional musical norms.

Academic Pursuits and Intellectual Musings


Beyond the stage and the digital spotlight, Wenzl McGowen’s pursuits extend into the realms of academia. Having immersed himself in the study of philosophy and music at The New School, he embodies the synergy of intellectual curiosity and artistic expression.

McGowen’s perspectives have found resonance on esteemed platforms, such as TED and TEDx conferences, where he has shared profound insights into the intersection of philosophy and the auditory arts.

This academic inclination adds a layer of depth to McGowen’s persona, positioning him not just as a performer but as a thinker whose creative expressions are grounded in a thoughtful exploration of the human experience.

His ability to articulate the intersectionality of philosophy and music provides audiences with a unique lens through which to view his work, elevating his artistry beyond mere entertainment.

Moon Hooch’s Discography and Digital Reverberations


The harmonic crescendo of Moon Hooch’s discography echoes through three notable albums: “Moon Hooch” (2013), “This Is Cave Music” (2014), and the latest opus, “Life on Other Planets” (2020).

The band’s YouTube channel, boasting 88.2K subscribers, stands as a testament to their musical prowess and the fervent appreciation of a global audience.

Each album in Moon Hooch’s discography serves as a chapter in a sonic narrative, with McGowen’s saxophone weaving through the tapestry of sounds created by the trio.

The ebb and flow of their music not only captivate the ears but also beckon listeners to immerse themselves in the auditory landscapes crafted by Moon Hooch.

Instagram Aesthetics and Online Persona


Amplifying his presence in the digital sphere, McGowen’s Instagram handles, wenzlsax and trafficconesaxman, offer a kaleidoscopic view into both his personal and professional life.

With 11.4K followers on the former and a staggering 863K on the latter, his online persona serves as a cultural touchstone, resonating with an eclectic array of followers and admirers.

In the age of digital interconnectedness, McGowen’s Instagram accounts serve as virtual galleries where his life unfolds in a series of visually compelling posts.

Whether it’s a snapshot of a behind-the-scenes moment in the studio or a candid shot from one of his public performances, each post contributes to the narrative of Wenzl McGowen, the artist, and offers fans an intimate glimpse into the person behind the music.

America’s Got Talent Journey and Personal Harmony


McGowen’s journey on the Season 17 of America’s Got Talent may have culminated in elimination during the deliberations, but this setback has not dimmed his artistic flame. Originating from Spain, McGowen is not merely an artist but a personality with a rich personal life.

Currently in a relationship with Ana Duque, a yoga teacher, his personal narrative adds a layer of authenticity and relatability to his public image.

The America’s Got Talent experience, although marked by a brief stint, served as a stepping stone for McGowen’s visibility on a global stage.

While the show’s format might not have fully encapsulated the breadth of his musical artistry, it undoubtedly introduced him to a broader audience, expanding the reach of his distinctive sound and performance style.

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