Who is William Bumpus Jr.? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend

William Bumpus Jr. is prominently recognized as son of Gayle King. Following her separation from her husband, William Bumpus Sr, in 1993, Gayle King found herself solely responsible for parenting her two children. In spite of the challenges, she proved to be successful in nurturing her children into well-established adults.

William Bumpus Jr., being one of these individuals, shares a deeply cherished and meaningful bond with his mother within the industry. Their relationship is marked by a profound friendship that transcends their familial ties, reflecting the unique dynamics that often evolve within the realms of celebrity and personal connections.

Who is William Bumpus Jr.?

William Bumpus Jr. stands as a notable figure within the public sphere, recognized primarily for his lineage as the son of Gayle King. In the wake of her separation from her husband, William Bumpus, in the year 1993, Gayle King confronted the challenging task of assuming the sole role of a parent, entrusted with the upbringing of their two children.

Demonstrating her remarkable resilience and determination, Gayle King succeeded in navigating this demanding journey, ultimately raising her children into well-adjusted and accomplished adults. Among them, William Bumpus Jr. emerges as an individual who has matured under his mother’s guidance, exemplifying the successful outcome of her dedicated efforts.

Within the dynamic landscape of the entertainment industry, William Bumpus Jr. and his mother have cultivated a bond that extends beyond the realms of familial ties. Their relationship is characterized by a profound and cherished friendship, a connection that transcends the conventional boundaries of parent-child relationships.

This unique interplay of roles underscores the intricate intermingling of personal and professional spheres that often defines the lives of individuals in the public eye, marking a testament to the complexities and nuances inherent within such relationships.


William Bumpus Jr.

Real Name

William Bumpus Jr.


April 28, 1987


36 years old


5.8 feet tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$1 Million to $2 Million USD

Birth Place



Gayle King


William Bumpus


Kirby Bumpus





William Bumpus Jr. Age, Height, Parents and Siblings

William Bumpus Jr., born on April 28, 1987, in Connecticut, stands at the age of 36. With a height of 5.8 feet, his physical stature adds to his distinctive presence. Delving into his familial background, he was born to a noteworthy lineage.

His mother, Gayle King, is an esteemed American television personality, recognized for her contributions to the industry. Complementing his mother’s prominence, his father, William Bumpus, holds the esteemed profession of a lawyer, contributing his expertise to the legal realm.

Within this familial context, William Bumpus Jr. is joined by his sibling, Kirby Bumpus, whose own accomplishments underscore the family’s commitment to excellence. Kirby Bumpus occupies the esteemed position of Head of Social Impact and Inclusion.

William Bumpus Jr. Girlfriend?

William Bumpus Jr. has maintained a sense of privacy surrounding his relationship status. Presently, the details regarding his dating status, whether he is currently in a relationship or single, remain undisclosed.

Rest assured, we are committed to providing accurate updates as soon as any pertinent information concerning his love life becomes available. In the interim, we encourage you to stay connected and remain attentive for further insights that may shed light on this aspect of William Bumpus Jr.’s life in the forthcoming days.

What is Bumpus Jr. Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Bumpus Jr. is between $1 Million to $2 Million USD.

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