Who is Jonathan Davino? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Fiancee

Jonathan Davino, widely recognized as the fiancé of actress Sydney Sweeney, has attracted considerable attention due to his association with the renowned star.

While Sydney Sweeney shines in her role in the romantic comedy “Anyone But You,” she remains committed to safeguarding the privacy of her personal life, including her relationship with Jonathan Davino.

Despite their efforts to maintain privacy, Davino’s presence on social media platforms has sparked curiosity among fans eager to learn more about his personal life, professional pursuits, and relationship status.

Exploring these aspects offers an opportunity to uncover the layers of Davino’s life beyond the glamour of his fiancée’s Hollywood career.

Who is Jonathan Davino?


Jonathan Davino

Real Name

Jonathan Davino 


June 19, 1983


40 years old


5.6 feet tall

Zodiac Sign


Net Worth

$1 Million USD

Birth Place











Sydney Sweeney

Jonathan Davino, widely known as the fiancé of acclaimed actress Sydney Sweeney, has found himself thrust into the spotlight alongside his partner.

Despite various reports circulating in media outlets suggesting Davino’s involvement as a restaurateur and heir to a pizza empire in Chicago, Sweeney debunked such claims in a candid interview with Glamour UK.

Setting the record straight, Sweeney clarified that Davino is, in fact, a savvy businessman from the Windy City, with no connections to the culinary world as previously speculated.

Before their romantic journey began, Davino’s professional pursuits lay outside the film industry. However, over their six-year relationship, the couple has increasingly ventured into collaborative business ventures, strengthening their partnership both personally and professionally.

Their joint efforts extended to the production realm, resulting in the creation of Sweeney’s rom-com masterpiece, “Anyone But You.”

In an exclusive interview with Glamour UK, Sweeney emphasized Davino’s integral role as her producing partner, highlighting the seamless synergy and unwavering support he provides throughout the creative process.

Reflecting on their collaborative endeavors, Sweeney expressed admiration for Davino’s intellect and entrepreneurial acumen in a candid discussion with Variety.

Their shared passion for innovation and creative expression serves as a driving force behind their successful professional partnership, with Sweeney cherishing the opportunity to collaborate with someone as astute and supportive as Davino.

Their relationship transcends traditional romance, evolving into a dynamic union characterized by mutual respect, shared aspirations, and an unwavering commitment to realizing each other’s artistic visions.

How old is Jonathan Davino?

Jonathan Davino, born on June 19, 1983, in the United States, is currently 40 years old. While information about his parents and siblings is currently elusive, efforts are underway to gather further information about his familial background.

Understanding the context of Davino’s upbringing and familial ties would undoubtedly provide valuable insights into the formative influences that have shaped his journey thus far. Stay tuned as we continue our efforts to uncover additional details about his family lineage and upbringing in the near future.

Who is Jonathan Davino Fiancee?

Jonathan Davino and actress Sydney Sweeney embarked on their journey to marital bliss when they got engaged in 2022, a moment that captured the attention of fans and media alike.

The confirmation of their engagement came in February 2022, when Sweeney was seen wearing a stunning diamond ring on her left ring finger, symbolizing their commitment to each other, as reported by PEOPLE magazine.

While Sweeney has chosen to maintain a degree of privacy regarding the specifics of her engagement, opting for a “no comment” stance in her interactions with media outlets such as Glamour UK, she has been candid about her enthusiasm for planning her impending nuptials.

Despite her busy schedule as a dedicated professional in the entertainment industry, Sweeney expressed her eagerness for the wedding planning process during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in December 2023.

Acknowledging her busy schedule with a touch of humor, Sweeney revealed that her packed agenda had yet to allow her the opportunity to dive deeply into wedding preparations.

Nevertheless, she conveyed her excitement for the journey ahead, eagerly anticipating the chance to bring her long-held wedding dreams to life. In a charming revelation to Glamour UK, Sweeney offered a glimpse into her childhood aspirations, sharing her love for meticulously curating wedding inspiration on a Pinterest board since the age of 10.

While specific details regarding the ceremony may still be undecided, Sweeney’s focus lies in creating a memorable experience for herself and her guests.

With her creative spirit in tow, she contemplates various themes and settings, considering the possibility of a tropical getaway or a whimsical carnival affair, reflecting her unique approach to wedding planning.

As anticipation builds and preparations unfold, Sweeney’s journey towards matrimony with Davino promises to be as enchanting as the love they share.

What is Jonathan Davino Net Worth?

The estimated Net Worth of Jonathan Davino is around $1 Million USD.

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